ECCC Co-hosted the Benchmarking Training on Reconciliation and Peacebuilding for Timor-Leste Delegation

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) on 21 February 2024 co-hosted the benchmarking training on reconciliation and peacebuilding, in collaboration with the UNESCO Phnom Penh and Jakarta, for delegation group from Timor-Leste. The training aims to support the endeavor of the Government of Timor-Leste in conflict reconciliation and peacebuilding through quality history and peace education.

The benchmarking training kicked off with a welcoming remark by H.E. Tony Kranh, Acting Director of Administration of the ECCC. He welcomed the Timor-Leste delegation to the ECCC Resource Centre and appreciated their strong interest in the ECCC.

H.E. Tony Kranh said, “Our two countries, Timor-Leste, and Cambodia, had similar challenging history in the past and have worked hard on societal reconstruction after conflicts. These shared experiences provide valuable insights and lessons that can be mutually beneficial. He continued that, “Throughout collaborative efforts, e.g. today’s “Benchmarking Training”, I firmly believe that we together will share experiences and lessons learnt through south-south cooperation. Moreover, our collaboration has the potential of enhancing the quality of education in both countries and may contribute further to reconciliation and peacebuilding in our region.

Dr. Mee Young Chou, Head of Education Unit of the UNESCO Jarkarta said, “UNESCO Phnom Pen and Jakarta Offices sincerely appreciate the ECCC for having the visitors from Timor-Leste. All we were impressed with the provided informative sessions and the well-structured the ECCC tour”.

Mr. Hugo Maria Fernandes, Executive Director of Chega National Centre (CNC) from Timor-Leste said, “We are very much delighted and find it very useful during our visit to the ECCC. We learn so much and we hope that this kind of exchange will add onto our experiences.  All the effort made by the ECCC is very impressive to learn on various activities. This can be adjusted to what we have in Timor-Leste”. 

The training session was followed by the presentation of H.E. Thaung Socheat, Senior Management Officer of the ECCC, about the “accountability process and a residual function of the ECCC”. Mr. Hang Vannak, Chief of Victims Support Section (VSS) made a presentation on reparation, reconciliation, and peace programs. A colleague of the Legal Documentation Centre (LDC) relating to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia also briefed its ongoing work.

At the end, Timor-Leste delegation was toured by visiting the library, and archive repository of the ECCC Resource Center.

The training participants are Timor-Leste’s government officials from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture, the Chega National Center and other relevant government institutions as well as UNESCO Jakarta and Phnom Penh project teams with a total of 22 participants.


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