Organs of ECCC

The Office of Administration

The Office of Administration is headed by His Excellency Kranh Tony, Acting Director, and Mr. Knut Rosandhaug, Deputy Director. Together, they provide overall coordination and guidance to the different Sections and Units in the Office of Administration, so as to ensure that the judicial process is fully supported. Read more

Judicial Chambers

The Pre-Trial Chamber can hear motions and appeals against orders issued by the Co-Investigating Judges while a case is still under investigation. The Trial Chamber will decide whether an accused person is guilty or not guilty based on the witness testimonies, evidence and arguments presented by the parties during the trial. The Supreme Court Chamber can hear appeals against decisions and judgements issued by the Trial Chamber. Read more

Co-Investigating Judges

The Co-Investigating Judges investigates facts sets out in Introductory and Supplementary Submissions from the Co-Prosecutors. After the investigation has been concluded the Co-Investigating Judges will issue a Closing Order containing an indictment with an order to send the case for trial, or a dismissal order terminating the proceedings. Read more

Office of the Co-Prosecutors

The Office of the Co-Prosecutors is an independent office within the ECCC. It carries out its duties free from any interference, governmental or otherwise. Its role is to prosecute senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge and others most responsible for the crimes committed during the period of Democratic Kampuchea. It conducts preliminary investigations, prosecutes cases throughout the investigative, pre-trial, trial and appellate stages, processes victim complaints, and participates in judicial investigations. Read more

Defence Support

The role of the Defence Support Section is to ensure fair trials through effective representation of the accused. The Section is responsible for providing indigent accused with a list of lawyers who can defend them, and for providing legal and administrative support to lawyers assigned to work on cases, including the payment of fees. The Section also acts as a voice for the defence at outreach events and in the media, liaises with other tribunals and NGOs, runs training courses and organises an internship program for young lawyers. Read more

Victims Support

The Victims Support Section was established to support the ECCC by assisting victims who want to participate in the proceedings. The Section is the central contact point between the ECCC and victims or their representatives. It aims to facilitate the effective participation of victims in the proceedings. This consists of processing complaints and applications of victims who seek to exercise their right to participate. It also oversees that victims have access to legal representation of a high quality. Read more

Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers

The Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers Section has been established in accordance with Rule 12 and Rule 12 ter of the ECCC Internal Rules. It is autonomous with regard to all substantive matters pertaining to Civil Parties. There is one Cambodian and one international Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyer, and they are supported by legal officers and case managers. They have to act jointly in all matters, unless they have decided jointly to delegate authority to one Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyer for handling a particular matter. Read more