United Kingdom announces new pledge of £ 1,400,000

The Government of the United Kingdom has made a pledge for a new contribution of  £ 1,400,000 (approximately US$ 2.2 million) to the international component of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia  (ECCC).

UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague announced the pledge in a Written Ministerial Statement issued on 25 February 2013. “The UK is committed to supporting the Court and our planned contribution will provide a measure of stability in this difficult period,” the statement said with reference to the ECCC's current funding shortfall. Mr. Hague said that the UK “will continue to call on international partners, including states in the region, to contribute to the Court”.

“On behalf the ECCC, we would like to express our gratitude to the British Government for its generous and continuous support”, Acting Director of the Office of Administration HE KRANH Tony and Deputy Director Knut Rosandhaug said in a joint statement.

The UK has contributed approximately US$ 7.9 million  (US$ 6.4 million to the international component and US$ 1.5 million to the national side) since the Court’s inception. The new pledge brings UK’s total contribution to approximately US$ 10.1 million dollar.

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