VSS Structure

VSS's Mission Statement

To fulfill functional mandate as assigned in the Internal Rules of the ECCC, the VSS has formulated its Mission, Vision, Goal, Objectives, and Key Strategies as the followings:

Mission: The VSS is created for facilitating the meaningful participation of Victims of the Khmer Rouge regime in the legal proceeding of the ECCC and coordinating the process of seeking reparations to those victims through legal and non-judicial measures and programs that address broader interests of the victims during the course of the ECCC proceeding and beyond.

Vision: The victims of crimes within the ECCC's jurisdiction are aware of and effectively exercise their rights, and have access to quality of justice; and the court’s legacy is beneficial to positive development of Cambodia.

Goal: The Victims and the Civil Parties are wholeheartedly and mentally satisfied and healed after their long awaited justice is being served through their meaningful participation in both proceedings of legal and non-legal mechanisms.

Objective: (1) to disseminate information, in collaboration with stakeholders, and informing victims, who are all potential complainants and Civil Parties, of their rights; (2) to liaise with other parts of the Court to ensure full and fair victim participation; (3) to support legal representation for individual Civil Party or groups thereof; (4) to facilitate the grouping and collective representation of Civil Parties to ensure they are able to participate consistent with fair and efficient proceedings; and (5) to coordinate and formulate feasible plans, access supporting resources, and implement projects of non-judicial measures.

Key Strategies and Activities

1. Direct Victims Participation

The Victims Support Section (VSS) supports victims of the Khmer Rouge regime pursuing justice and redress through meaningful participation as Civil Parties in the judicial proceedings before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). Extensive support for victims’ direct participation in the justice process is provided by the team of the VSS, the Civil Party Lawyers and others.

Stakeholders Consultation on Case 002/02 ReparationsStakeholders Consultation on Case 002/02 Reparations

Victims Participation and Representation

  • We provide information about your rights as a victim of the Khmer Rouge regime and how to get involved in the justice process at the ECCC.
  • We assist you with the filing of an application form to become a complainant or Civil Party.
  • Contact us to get legal representation, psychosocial support or any other information.

2. Empowerment of Victims

The VSS supports Civil Parties to engage actively in the justice and reconciliation process. Extensive information about the rights as a Civil Party and regular updates about the legal proceedings before the ECCC are provided so that Civil Parties can make well informed decisions.

Participation of Civil Parties and Public at ECCC's Courtroom

Participation of Civil Parties and Public at ECCC's Courtroom

Outreach and Information Get Involved

  • Get our Newsletter to receive regular first-hand information about the judicial proceedings at the ECCC.
  • Engage in Public Forums to exchange with other Civil Parties throughout Cambodia.
  • Contact us for getting to know how we support you to come to the hearings at the ECCC.

3. Meaningful Redress and Rehabilitation

Reparations are an important remedy for victims of mass atrocities. Collective and moral reparations at the ECCC therefore aim at acknowledging the sufferings of Civil Parties and to help to restore their dignity and wellbeing.

Civil Party Testimonial Therapy at one of the Crime Sites through Buddhist Cermony

Civil Party Testimonial Therapy at one of the Crime Sites through Buddhist Ceremony

Reparations and Non-Judicial Measures

  • Did you know that judicial reparations at the ECCC are a major innovation in international criminal law first exercised at the ECCC?
  • You can take part in the consultation process for the identification of reparations and non-judicial measures.
  • Contact us about the ECCC Reparation Program which consists of meaningful projects in the categories: Remembrance, Rehabilitation, Documentation and Education.

4. Justice and Redress for the Victims of the Khmer Rouge Regime

Victims of the Khmer Rouge regime 1975-1979 who fall under the jurisdiction of the ECCC are given a fundamental role: they have the right to participate as Civil Parties. In this capacity, they are recognized as parties to the judicial proceedings and are entitled to seek collective and moral reparations.

Reparation for Civil Party-Verdict of Case 001

Reparation for Civil Party-Verdict of Case 001


VSS Structure

VSS structure