HUON Choeum

2-TCW-1037 was living in the forest until​ 1975 because of the chaos faced by the country. He remained in the revolution until 1975.

Between 1970 and 1975 he joined the army to liberate the nation. After that, he was in charge of economics and logistics in a zone, especially distribution of food and ammunitions
to the battlefield. He remembered and confirmed the existence of many people, cadres and locations names. The leaders in the Military Zone were accused of having connections with CIA. He heard that Ruos
Nhim and Ta Nhim planned to attack Pol Pot. They were killed with all participants for that. During this period he confirmed their transfer to other places with more difficult living conditions. He spoke about high-level cadres who were sent to Phnom Penh. It was a part of the general policy of purges. Those who were linked to the Military Zone were accused of being traitors. He said that people monitored each other under Democratic Kampuchea. He spoke about the purges policy against the Vietnamese and explained that measures against them were harder than those against Cham. Cham people mostly survived if they obeyed, but Vietnamese
were killed most of the time. Finally he spoke about the marriages. He explained that some were forced to get married and​ others could marry the one they wanted. He was arranged to get married on 31 December 1975 with thirty others couples. 

After the ceremony, they were all dispersed to various locations – it was a rule that
wife and husband stayed together during three days, to consummate their weddings after that they were separated and sent to different worksites. If they wanted to see each other they needed permission.

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