M. Robert Hamill

Robert Hamill was a civil party in Case 001 after suffering the loss of his brother Kerry Hamill, who had been detained and killed at S-21.

Kerry Hamill, 26, was on a sailing trip when her boat drifted in Cambodian waters. After being assaulted by bullets by a Cambodian boat, he is captured with a John Dewhurst and brought to S-21, where he is interrogated and then killed. As a civil party, Robert Hamill described to the Trial Chamber how his family had been destroyed by the uncertainty surrounding his brother's fate. His family had received one last letter from Kerry from Singapore in July 1978. After 16 months of no news from him, his family learned from a local newspaper that Kerry Hamill had been captured, tortured and murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime. During his testimony, Robert Hamill expressed the immense pain and suffering that he and each of his family members endured as a result of Kerry's death. He recounted how eight months after hearing of Kerry’s death, Robert, one of Kerry’s brothers and whom he was very close to, threw himself off a cliff.

Robert Hamill put six questions to the Accused concerning the date and details of the deaths of his brother and John Dewhurst. He also wanted to know if the Accused had any concrete ideas on how he could help the victims of S-21.

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