Mr. Chan Voeun

Chan Voeun, 56, was called as a witness to testify about M-13, a security office located in an area under Khmer Rouge control, which had been supervised by Kaing Guek Eav.

Mr. Voeun claims to have been a staff member of M-13 in his twenties, working in the economics unit from 1974 to 1975. Formerly assigned to find food for prisoners, he told the Trial Chamber that he was only present on M-13 premises once or twice a month. Because he allowed three detainees to escape while on guard duty, he recounted that he was arrested and imprisoned by Duch at M-13. He then escaped to his commune, was sent back to M-13 by his village chief, and subsequently set free b Duch. As a witness, Chan Voeun testified on the detention conditions, interrogation methods, and executions at M-13. He told the Trial Chamber that many villagers from Amleang sub-district, including his uncle and his aunt, were detained at M-13 and that he was hated by Amleang villagers for working with Duch. He testified that he personally witnessed Duch carrying out interrogations and torturing detainees. Duch also allegedly shot his uncle dead with an AK-rifle. The Accused contested the testimony from the witness and also denied that the witness had been a staff member of M-13. 

Over the course of his testimony, inconsistencies between the witness' testimony and the statements he had made before the Co-Investigating Judges were raised.

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