Mr. HIM Huy

Mr. Him Huy was called as a witness to testify on the functioning of S-21.

A Khmer rouge soldier since 1972 or 1973, Him Huy started to work at S-21 as a guard in late 1976. There he became part of the special unit operating under the defence unit and was responsible for the arrest and transfer of detainees. With the intensification of internal purges at S-21, he was promoted to Deputy Chief of the special unit in charge of security matters at S-21 in 1977. He claims that he was transferred to build dykes in the rice fields at Prey Sar in 1978.

As a witness, Him Huy mainly testified on the arrests procedure at S-21, including the arrest of S-21 personnel, the detention conditions, and the executions of S-21 prisoners. He told the Trial Chamber that he was in charge of the transport of detainees to Choeung Ek where executions took place beginning in 1977, but that he had himself only executed one prisoner there.

Him Huy also addressed the role of the Accused at S-21. He stated that "Duch was the only one to give orders" at S-21, and that he was scared of him: "Frankly, when I see him, it reminds me of the moment I had worked with him. I did not dare to look at him [Ö] and even now, Iím fearful of him". He recounted how S-21 personnel were put "on high alert" once purges inside the prison had begun.

A lawyer assisted Him Huy in case an issue of self-incrimination arose. However, Him Huy did not invoke his right to remain silent.

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    Yu Huy
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  • Cases : Case 001
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