Mr. MAK Thim

Mr. Makk Thim, previously Mr. Makk Sithim, was born on 5 April 1962 in Ta Sokh Village, Saeb Commune, Kampong Talach District, Kampong Chhang Province. He he is currently a farmer living in Saeb Commune, Kampong Tralach District, Kampong Chhang Province. He testified in Case 002/02 about his work as a medic at the S-21 security center. According to Mr. Makk Thim, before he worked at S-21, he was sent to Takhmau to learn how to farm and to use weapons. After, he said, he went to Prey Sar to grow radishes. He then joined a military strategies training session, after which he was sent to many other locations before being sent to S-21. After the military strategies training session, Mr. Makk Thim said he was assigned to join a medical training session in the area of Psar Thmei for two or three months. After his medical training, he said he was sent to S-21 to work as a medic around the age of 15 or 16. According to Mr. Makk Thim, he created medicinal tablets at Takhmau which were used at S-21. His alleged duties included cleaning prisoners’ bandages and distributing pills. He reported that often the medicines used for prisoners were ineffective. He said that most of the bandages were made out of mosquito nets and pieces of cloth. He described how they would clean the wounds with salt water that they made in the compound. Additionally he reported occasionally using injections on prisoners for swelling and numbness, although he was unsure of what specific ingredients those injections contained. He claimed that he witnessed wounds from beatings, electrocutions, and the removal of nails. He also said it was his responsibility to bury the bodies of prisoners outside the S-21 compound.    

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