Mr. NETH Phally

Neth Phally was a Civil Party in Case 001, having suffered from the loss of his brother Neth Bunthy, a Khmer Rouge soldier from the Eastern Zone who was detained and killed at S-21. After the disappearance of his brother in 1978, Neth Phally maintained hope of being reunited for thirty years, despite the fact that he had actively searched for his brother from February to October 1979 without any luck. He and his family were deeply shocked to learn in 2008 that his brother had been detained, tortured, and killed at S-21. During his testimony, Neth Phally described the suffering he endured, as well as the suffering of his parents and of his brother's fiancÈe. Emotionally distressed since his brother's disappearance, he endured a severe work injury which caused his left arm to be amputated.

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  • Cases : Case 001
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