Ms. Antonya Tioulong

Tioulong Antonya was a Civil Party in Case 001, having suffered from the disappearance and execution of both her sister Tioulong Raingsy and her brother-in-law Kimari Lim.

She testified on behalf of her family. Her mother Measketh Samphotre, her sister Tioulong-Rohmer Neva, her niece Kimari Nevinka, and her nephew Kimari Visaka all participated in the trial as Civil Parties. They were exiled in France when they received Raingsy and Lim's last letter, dated 28 March 1975. Raingsy and Lim had planned to reunite with their family and children in France in the summer of 1975. But everything changed when the Khmer Rouge seized Phnom Penh. Raingsy and her husband Lim were evacuated and in November 1975, both were arrested and detained at S-21. They were executed in April and May 1976, respectively. As a Civil Party, Tioulong Antonya told the Trial Chamber how it was only in 1979 that her family discovered the fate of her sister and brother-in-law, despite many efforts to locate them.

She described her family's suffering and rejected the apologies of the Accused, saying that her family would never forgive him.

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