Ms. HAV Sophea

Hav Sophea was a Civil Party from group 1 in Case 001, having suffered from the loss of her father Chen Sea alias Hav Han, who was detained and killed at S-21 on 15 May 1976.

Chen Sea was a Khmer Rouge cadre who had returned from Hanoi. As a Civil Party, Hav Sophea testified on the effects of the absence of her father, both on her life and on that of her mother. She told the Trial Chamber that her father disappeared in early 1976, exactly 21 days before she was born. Her mother was waiting for her husband to return until 1991 and both were shocked to learn from DC-Cam in 2006 that he had been executed at S-21. Hav Sophea recalled how her mother was deeply distressed when they visited Tuol Sleng in January 2007.

Hav Sophea described how she and her mother have struggled "financially, physically, emotionally" to survive since her fatherís disappearance. Hav Sophea had to drop out of school at Grade 7 and could not become a Khmer literature teacher as she had wished.

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