Additional charges announced against Ao An

On 14 March 2016, the International Co-Investigating Judge charged Ao An with the following alleged crimes: 

−Genocide of the Cham;

−Crimes against Humanity, namely murder; extermination; enslavement; imprisonment; torture; persecution against the so-called “17 April people”, former Lon Nol soldiers, Central (Old North) Zone cadres, their families and subordinates, people from the East Zone, and other “bad elements” and “internal enemies”; persecution against Cham and Vietnamese people; and other inhumane acts including forced marriage, rape, enforced disappearances, physical abuse, forced labour, and inhumane conditions of detention;

−Violations of the 1956 Cambodian Penal Code, namely premeditated homicide.

These crimes were allegedly variously committed at Anlong Chrey Dam Forced Labour Site; Kok Pring Execution Site; Met Sop (Kor) Security Centre; Tuol Beng Security Centre and Execution Site and Wat Angkuonh Dei Pagoda; Wat Au Trakuon Security Centre; Wat Batheay Security Centre; Wat Phnom Pros Execution Site; Wat Ta Meak Security Centre; Chamkar Svay Chanty Security Centre; Wat Baray Chan Dek Security Centre; Wat Srenge Security Centre; and at various locations in Kampong Cham Province.

The charges announced today included both new charges and the previous charges laid during Ao An’s Initial Appearance of 27 March 2015. Since the Initial Appearance, Ao An, through his lawyers, has been permitted to access the case file and participate in the investigation. 


Phnom Penh, 14 March 2016

Michael Bohlander
International Co-Investigating Judge 

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