Deadline for notice of Case 002/01 appeals extended to 29 September 2014

The Supreme Court Chamber has  partially granted a request from the Defence of Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea by extending the deadline for filing a notice of appeal against the Trial Judgement in Case 002/01 from 8 September to 29 September 2014. The Defence teams had requested that the deadline be extended to 20 October 2014.

In it’s decision  the Supeme Court Chamber found that  “the  length of the Trial Judgment (623 pages in English, 777 pages in French, and 981 pages in Khmer), requires additional time to read through thoroughly and discuss the contents thereof within defence  teams and with the Accused”.  Another request to extend the page limit from 30 to 50 pages for the notice of appeal was rejected by the Chamber.

The Supreme Court Chamber also indicated that in light of the size and complexity of the Trial Judgement, it might be necessary also to extend the deadline for submitting the appeal briefs as well as the page limit for these briefs. However, until the notices of appeal have been filed, the Supreme Court Chamber found it  “premature to determine the amount of extra time and pages that will be required”.

Read the decision:

Internal Rule 105 (3)regulated notices of appeal and appeal briefs:
“A party wishing to appeal a judgment shall file a notice of appeal setting forth the grounds. The  notice shall, in respect of each ground of appeal, specify the alleged errors of law invalidating the decision and alleged errors of fact which occasioned a miscarriage of justice. The appellant shall subsequently file an appeal brief setting out the  arguments and authorities in support of each of the grounds…”.

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