Supreme Court Chamber Terminates The Case Against AO AN before the ECCC

Today, the Supreme Court Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) terminated the case against Ao An before the Extraordinary Chambers.

Following the International Co-Prosecutor’s “Immediate Appeal of the Trial Chamber’s Effective Termination of Case 004/2”, the Supreme Court Chamber addressed the arguments raised by the International Co-Prosecutor in today’s decision. The Supreme Court Chamber considered that: “Notwithstanding agreement in relation to the great number of victims in the central zone” of Democratic Kampuchea, “there was no agreement after thirteen years of investigation that AO An was within the jurisdiction of the [ECCC]”. In dismissing the International Co-Prosecutor’s appeal, the Supreme Court Chamber held that: “In the absence of a definite and enforceable indictment, the case against AO An is hereby terminated before the ECCC”.

The decision is published at the following location:

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