How can victims participate in the trial?

Posted Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:00 / Updated Fri, 07/21/2017 - 13:56
Victims may want to file a complaint to the Office of the Co-Prosecutors informing them about crimes they believe have been committed. Victims who have suffered physical, psychological and material harm as a result of a crime investigated by the court may apply to become civil parties. Civil parties have the right to choose a lawyer. If needed, the ECCC helps them organise common legal representation. Civil parties can also organise their civil party action by becoming members of an association of victims. 
Once a case goes to trial, two Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers (one Cambodian, one international) will coordinate the representation of the consolidated civil party interests. Please note that the deadline to submit an application to become a civil party in all cases are closed.