Trial day 170

  • Hearing date :
  • Public attendance : 432 persons

Witnesses/experts/civil parties

Mr. UNG Chhat

Mr. UNG Chhat told the Trial Chamber the he joined the revolutionary movement as a soldier in Pursat province. He testified about what he witnessed in relation to the capture of Lon Nol soldiers and their transportation from the town of Pursat to the alleged mass execution site at Tuol Po Chrey.

Mr. SAR Sarin

Mr. SAR Sarin told the Trial Chamber he had joined the revolutionary movement at age 13, when he started working in a propaganda unit. After having been questioned by Civil Party lawyers, Mr. Sar said he would only continue his testimony if he was granted protection measures for the rest of his life. The Chamber ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to grant the requested measure and excused Mr. Sar from further testimony. On 23 July 2013, Mr. Sar was asked if had changed his mind.