The witness joined the revolution as a soldier in 1970 because the late King Sihanouk told his people to do so.

In 1971 he attended medical training and became a medic on the district level, becoming chief of the hospital in 1976. In late 1977 all the commanders in his division – the witness included – were called to a meeting, which he did not attend because he was stationed on the battlefront. Everyone at the meeting was later arrested. After this the witness realized Pol Pot committed treason, because he sent in troops to arrest these commanders. He began organizing resistance against Pol Pot, coordinating with Vietnam to do so. He felt he was forced to hide in the jungle because Pol Pot was killing people at random. According to the witness, the Cambodian-Vietnamese conflict originally started in 1973 because the superpowers supporting each country were not sending equal amounts of materials. He testified that there were strategy meetings held in Ho Chi Minh City prior to the invasion. The witness was related to Sao Phim and told him about Pol Pot’s treasonous actions.

After the latter’s overthrow the witness was placed in a prison by the Vietnamese. The witness testified on a variety of names and topics relating to the Vietnamese intervention in Cambodia and internal purges.

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