Mr. Chan Khan

Chan Khan was called as a witness to testify about M-13, a security office located in areas under Khmer Rouge control, which had been supervised by Kaing Guek Eav.  

In 1973, Chan Khan was recruited as a teenager to be a soldier, but he was instead sent to M-13 to work as a guard. He remained there until late 1973 or early 1974, when he was sent to work in the rice fields of Oudong with other warders and prisoners. As a witness, Chan Khan testified on detention conditions at M-13 with specific regard to medical care therein. He recalled that many detainees died because of a lack of health care and that they did not receive treatment for wounds from interrogations.

Over the course of his testimony, inconsistencies between the witness's testimony and the statements he had made before the Co-Investigating Judges were raised.

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  • Cases : Case 001
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