Mr. Chan Lay

Lay Chan filed a Civil Party application on the basis of his detention at S-21.

Lay Chan joined the revolutionary forces before 1975. After being wounded in the battlefield, he was assigned to work as a messenger at the Kilometer 6 Port. In 1976 he was arrested and accused of participating in the theft of rice for the enemy. Lay Chan recounted how he overheard guards at the detention facility mentioning it as the "Tuol Sleng school". There he was interrogated and severely beaten twice to the point of losing consciousness. He told the Trial Chamber that he still suffers from the consequences of these interrogation sessions, notably an inability to hear with his left ear. After about three months of detention, Lay Chan was released and sent to a re-education section. After one year there, he was sent back to the Kilometer 6 Port and assigned to grow rice and vegetables.

 Lay Chan was asked by the Trial Chamber to testify on the detention conditions, the detention facilities, and the interrogation sessions.

 Lay Chan told the Trial Chamber that since his detention in 1976, he had never spoken about his experience and suffering.

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