Mr. CHEAL Choeun

Cheal Choeun was born in 1952 in Pursat village. He is a rice farmer.

He was a Khmer Rouge soldier until 1975. After that he went to Battambang because of the bad living conditions. He testified on the massacre of Lon Nol soldiers, persecution of Buddhists and forced marriage. He gave some leaders’ names and affirmed that he heard about Ruos Nhim. He never heard anything about rebellion project, just about military training without knowing about its purpose. He accompanied former Lon Nol soldiers to Samdech immediately after the victory of Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh. The witness stated that 50 Lon Nol soldiers were transported. He never knew what happened to their bodies after he seen their death by shot. He was asked to fire the gun but he was too shaken. Before this period, he was studying to become a monk but in 1975 he left the monkhood.

The Khmer Rouge instructed them to work in the rice fields and plant cotton. He was married during that time under the order of his direct supervisor Pheap.

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