Mr. Khan Phaok

Phaok Khan filed a Civil Party application on the basis of the disappearance and deaths of his cousin and his wife, as well as on the basis of his own arrest and detention.

Phaok Khan told the Trial Chamber about his arrest in Tuol Kork in 1978. He had joined the Khmer Rouge in 1971 at age 15. He was transferred, blindfolded, to a detention center which he believes was S-21. There he was interrogated and tortured twice. After three to four months of detention, on 6 January 1979, he was taken away to a killing field. When taken near a pit to be killed, he avoided the blow aimed at his neck. He was hit in his ribs and fell unconscious into the pit. He was later able to leave the pit, reach the river, and let himself be carried upon a wooden plank  to the Chroy Changvar bridge where he was rescued.

 His cousin Chhoeung Phoam alias Tin Neth worked at Battalion 317, a disciplinary unit. He was arrested on 3 November 1977 and executed on 7 November 1977 at S-21. Phaok Khan was able to find documents on his cousin in the Tuol Sleng archives.

 Phaok Khan's wife Pin Lin alias Pin Leab worked in a sewing unit, Division 310. She was arrested in early 1978 while one month pregnant. Phaok Khan believes that she was sent to S-21 or S-24, but was not able to find supporting documents.

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