Mr. OU Savrith

Ou Savrith testified from France via video conference. He filed a Civil Party application on the basis of the death of his elder brother Ou Vindy at S-21.

He joined as a Civil Party to the proceedings in order to seek the truth concerning his brother's arrest, detention, and execution. Ou Savrith also spoke on behalf of his sister-in-law, his niece, whose letter he read during his testimony, and his other relatives. Ou Savrith's brother Ou Vindy was a graduate of the Phnom Penh National Administration School. He worked as an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Long Boret. Under the Khmer Rouge, he was arrested on 13 February 1976 and executed on 7 January 1976. Since he had left for France in 1973 for his studies, Ou Savrith was unable to find his brother's name in a list of persons arrested in S-21 until late 1979. As a Civil Party, Ou Savrith expressed the intense sorrow incited by the loss of his brother and by the many unanswered questions which have been haunting him since his death.

Ou Savrith asked the Accused questions regarding the date of his brother's entry to S-21, his treatment there, and whether he was tortured.

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