Ms. Martine Lefeuvre

Martine Lefeuvre was a Civil Party in Case 001, having suffered from the loss of her husband Ouk Ket. In 1977 while serving as third secretary to the Cambodian Embassy in Senegal, Ouk Ket received a request to return to Phnom Penh by the Foreign Ministry of Cambodia.

He decided to follow this request and arrived in Phnom Penh on 11 June 1977. On 15 June 1977, he was detained at S-21 until he was executed on 9 December 1977. During her testimony, Martine Lefeuvre told the Trial Chamber about her search for her husband, which she started as early as September 1977. It was only in 1979, while visiting a refugee camp at the Thai-Cambodian border, that she learned that he had been killed at Tuol Sleng. In 1991, she returned to Cambodia with her two children in order to find his records in the Tuol Sleng archives.

Martine Lefeuvre described her suffering, as well as the that of her children, due to the absence of her husband, arguing that this suffering became more intense over time. Ouk Neary, Martine Lefeuvreís daughter, also participated as a Civil Party to the proceedings and testified on the same trial day.

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