Ms. PREAP Sokhoeum

Preap Sokhoeum was born in 1951 in Kampong Cham province. She had two daughters. She was working on a cotton plantation in 1975 when she was called to be married. After the marriage she found only sadness. She did not know her husband before. Both were weeping because they wanted their parents here. He tried to have sex with her but she told him because the marriage hadn’t been held with the proper customs she did
not acknowledge it and therefore did not allow him to touch her. She knew they were being watched. Eventually he raped her. She became pregnant after that. Her husband came to see her one day and she
didn’t even remember his face. He raped her again, telling her that it was Angkar’s instructions and it would kill them both if they didn’t have sex. He later disappeared, and she was told her baby would be killed because her husband was a traitor. She knew several couples who had refused to consummate their marriage or get married, and they were all disappeared. Her siblings were all killed because one of them had been a Lon Nol soldier. She asserted that the KR completely eliminated the feeling of family relationship.

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