Ms. PHAN Him didn’t remember her date of birth, but she is 60 years old. She was born in Bakrong village in Kampong Cham province, she married Kung Choeun and had six children. 

In 1975 she was in the medical unit, carrying soldiers off the battlefield. In May 1975, she worked in a warehouse and after that she worked in logistics support. In 1976 she became a teacher and was located in Tompong. She began to teach to children between 3 and 12 years old. She was told to teach them to be on time, to be vigilant about enemies and the discipline of Angkar. The children’s parents didn’t come to visit them because Angkar was their parents. In  1977 she was in charge of exporting goods overseas. One day, the female chief of her section came to say her that someone had proposed to marry her. She responded that she was too young and she wanted to work and her chief responded she must respect Angkar. She learned that her husband made the proposal because he had to get marry and he had heard her name once. She was married in 1978. She was authorized to rest the day before her weddings, and they gave her clothes and some staff to clean herself. There were twenty one couples for the same ceremony.

This was arranged by their respective unit chiefs, they couldn’t choose their partner, only the men could propose an engagement. They didn’t receive any instructions after the wedding, they didn’t consume their marriage before two weeks to a month. They began to talk together and finally started to have sexual relations. They had children together.

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