PRAK Khorn (PRAK Khan)

The Witness was a guard at S-21 from late 1975 and an interrogator from late 1976, after which he became head of the "Chewing Unit" until 7 January 1979. The Witness took part in the interrogations and torture of prisoners at S-21. He provides descriptions of the leadership, structureand operations of the prison, as well as Duch's communications with Pol Pot and Nuon Chea. He describes the inhumane living conditions to which
prisoners were subjected, and their executions. He also provides evidence regarding rape at S-21.

The Witness details the methods of torture used at S-21, including electrocution shocks and prisoners being forced to eat excrement. He confirms the presence of Vietnamese civilians, prisoners of war, pregnant women and Westerners at S-21. He also states that he saw blood drawn from various prisoners until they died, and that the blood was sent to the 17 April and Monivong hospitals. The Witness provides evidence of arrests of S-21 staff.

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  • Cases : Case 002Case 002/02
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