The Civil Party  live in Pursat province prior to the revolution. After 1975 he was a messenger at Battambang University alongside Horn.

He helped to receive visitors around when they came for study sessions. In 1977 Nuon Chea said his father was a traitor and therefore the CP was brought into Phnom Penh. Both his father and uncle were arrested and sent to S-21. He worked with Khan who worked with Nuon Chea. Khan said Nuon Chea gave the order to demolish all pagodas, because it was unnecessary to practice any religious beliefs. All of his father’s relatives were killed. To the CP’s knowledge, they purged people in the Northwest Zone and replaced them with cadres from the Southwest Zone, around 500-600 according to him.

In his closing statement, he explained how difficult his situation is now – “lower than animals” – and how hard it was to be separated from his family, no education, no land or means of survival.

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