SOU Sath

Ms. Sou Sath was called as a witness to testify on the character of the Accused.

Sou Sath was a classmate of the Accused at Kampong Thom High School during the school years 1959 to 1961.The two were in the same study group.

As a character witness, Sou Sath described the Accused as a person of good character, a loyal, kind, generous, humble, and docile student. She told the Trial Chamber how she had noticed him because unlike others in the study class, the Accused would never conceal his knowledge, but would always be eager to share it with others. She further described him as a good and punctual student who was respectful to his teachers and supported others in their study, but who did not have many friends.

Sou Sath told the Trial Chamber that she could not have imagined that he would one day become Chairman of S-21. She learned this from the book The Lost Executioner, a reading which stunned and terrorized her.

Sou Sath asked permission to pay a short visit to the Accused after her testimony.

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