SOY Sao (SUOY Sav)

During the DK regime, SUOY Sav, served as a soldier in Division 1 later Division 310 the commander of which was Euan also spelled as Oeun. 

SUOY Sav stated that they were stationed at Tuol Kouk preparing to attack Pol Pot When the plot was exposed they went to farm paddies at Kab Srov in order to create a confusing trail and they would be sent back when it was safe. SUOY Sav used to be part of the forces that stood by to greet foreign visitors in Phnom Penh He said that among other foreigners the Vietnamese also came until the plot was compromised Then we started to stir up trouble with Vietnam. 

Later in 1978 SUOY Sav together with troops from the Southwest participated in the suppression of the uprising of the East Zone troops led by Sao Phim. 

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