Survey: Knowledge Gained During Participation in ECCC Study Tours Is Important

The result of the survey of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) shows that the knowledge gained through the participation in the ECCC study tour is very significant.

In the third question of the ECCC survey, do you think the knowledge you gained while attending this visit was important? There were 1,274 respondents to this question, while 945 respondents or 74% answered it is very important, and 321 respondents or 25% answered that it is important.

In addition, there were some comments as:

"This study tour is a program to the discovery of the management of Democratic Kampuchea, which has left clear evidence of torture, massacres and atrocities, which made me shocked and saddened from the brutal acts."

"I would like to propose such a study tour program for the younger generation to see and remember this brutal history in their hearts."

"As a student, I would like to have such visit to every Cambodian child so that they can gain knowledge and understanding the history of their own country and the geography of Cambodia, and finally I would like to thank the teachers who organized this visit. Thank you!"

The survey was conducted online from 15 February 2023 to 6 April 2023 for anyone who participated in the ECCC study tour program. From 15 February to 6 April 2023, there were 3,430 youth, students and teachers who participated in the study tours organized by the Khmer Rouge Tribunal while 1,527 people responded in the ECCC online survey. 


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