How does the court work?

Posted Thu, 07/20/2017 - 16:15 / Updated Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:31

The cases are divided in a judicial investigation stage and a trial stage. The judicial investigation begins when the Co-Prosecutors (one Cambodian and one international) file an Introductory Submission, based on their preliminary investigation, to the Co-Investigating Judges (one Cambodian and one international). The Co-Investigating Judges conduct an impartial investigation of all the facts in the Introductory Submission to establish the truth. If they find sufficient evidence against a charged person for crimes within the jurisdiction of the court, they issue an Indictment sending the case to trial. If not, they dismiss the case. The Pre-Trial Chamber (composed of three Cambodian and two international judges) decides on any appeals against rulings of the Co-Investigating Judges.

The trial stage begins with an indictment. The Trial Chamber (composed of three Cambodian and two international judges) hears evidence and arguments from the Co-Prosecutors, the defence and the civil parties concerning the charges included in the Indictment. After deliberating on the evidence presented and arguments raised during the trial, the Trial Chamber issues a judgment deciding whether an accused is guilty or not guilty. In case the accused is found guilty, the judgment also imposes a sentence and may order reparations for victims. The Supreme Court Chamber (composed of four Cambodian and three international judges) decides on appeals against rulings of the Trial Chamber.