BOU Thon

Ms. Bou Thon was called as a witness to testify on the functioning of S-24.

She lived in Phnom Penh with her husband Phok Horn and their children when the Khmer Rouge seized control of the city. They were relocated to Phnom Penh Thmei. Her husband was "introduced to the revolution" by Kuy Thuon, Chief of the North Zone. Phok Horn was assigned to work at the Ministry of Energy as a driver for a fuel tanker, while Bou Thon worked as a cook. Three of her children were taken away to work in a mobile work unit and never returned. In 1977 her husband was arrested and disappeared. She later learned that he was transferred to S-21 and killed there. She was taken with her baby to Anlong Kong village, a component of S-24.

As a witness, Ms. Bou Thon described the detention conditions at S-24. She was not free to talk to other people and was too frightened to complain about issues such as the adequacy of food or health care. Although the prisoners harvested rice and vegetables in abundance, they were not permitted to eat the produce. She was obliged to work long hours and was shut in at night. She described her conditions as being "like a prison without walls". Bou Thon also testified as to the mistreatment she endured there. She was beaten, resulting in facial scarring, and felt "dehumanized because my life was in the hands of them and they could make any decision to kill me any time they wished to do so".

Ms. Bou Thon told the Trial Chamber that she came to testify as a witness in order to find justice for her husband and her children. She described how difficult it was for her to move on and forget.

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