KAING Guek Eav

The Witness, who stood trial and was convicted by the Trial Chamber in Case 001 for his involvement in the
crimes committed at the S-21 Security Centre, was the deputy and, from March 1976, chief of the prison. He was also the head of the M -13 security centre prior to the start of the DK period.

He provides evidence regarding the functioning of S-21 Security Centre, including: the prison's establishment
under the orders of Son Sen, DK Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Chief of the RAK General Staff; the
location, internal structure, organization and operation of S-21 and S-24; composition of prisoners; inhumane
conditions of detention and forced labour; the interrogation and torture techniques used at S-21; arrests,
imprisonment and interrogation of foreigners, including Vietnamese civilians and prisoners of war; killings within the S-21 compound; establishment of Choeung Ek as an execution site, and the executions of prisoners at this location.

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  • Cases : Case 002Case 002/02
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