Mr. CHAU Khim

The Civil Party was a soldier in Koh Keo Commune, Lvea Em District in Kandal Province. 

He was attached to Unit 148 which was still at Koh Keo when the area was liberated. He was later transferred to Prey Veng  Province where he built canals, dyke systems and roads and worked in the rice fields. He said that Sao Phim, the Zone Secretary at the time, encouraged a rebellion in the East Zone and told forces to fight against theSouthwest soldiers. Airplanes dropped leaflets which “encouraged all people and forces as well as civil servants in the East Zone to surrender with the West and Southwest forces”. The leaflet said that they did not “betray thenation,” only the leaders, such as Sao Phim and his wife, had betrayed the country. He fled the battlefield and was arrested, narrowly escaping execution, before being sent to Prey Veng Province where he was assigned to a mobile unit. It was here that he was told that Angkar required them to marry.

He was married to a woman he did not know alongside sixty other couples. They were monitored by militiamen to ensure the marriage was consummated.

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