Mr. VOEUN Vuthy

Voeun Vuthy was born on December 5, 1973 in Siem Reap. He lost his father and other five member of his family to the regime.

He presently works for the Ministry of Fine Arts. He studied anthropology at the University of Fine Arts and then studied in Japan, Germany and Italy. He also studied at University of Hawaii in bone conversation and remains. He was involved in research regarding archeology relating to human bones in 1988. Lately, he conducted research regarding bone remains at Choeung Ek and Kraing Tang Chan, as well as Prasat Padei and Kok Prech. He has many projects, one of which was the conservation of the victim remains with the aim to maintain the evidence available with those victims' remains in order to preserve and to record the history that happened between 1975 to 1979. Another purpose was to record the remains of the marks on those victims' bones to show them about the brutality that were inflicted upon them. The process of conservation of the victims' bones as well as the analysis involves 12 stages, which begin with studying marks and traces and finally conserving the bones so they don’t decay.

Furthermore, they interviewed people who worked at the sites during the regime and any possible witnesses. Only at Kra Tanh Chan they preserved 6,426 craniums. His studies concluded that victims died from shackling, hit by clubs in the head, poisoned by chemicals and ear perforation.

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