Mrs. PEN Sochan

Pen Sochan was born in Pursart Province. She was living with her parents before she was transferred to another village.

She got married around 15 or 16 years old with 12 other couples while she was in a mobile unit, where she made fertilizer. She refused her unit chief’s requests, who asked her if she was mature because she was already on the list of Comrade Oeun. None of her relatives were there. Comrade Oeun said that to get married and produce children were Angkar’s instructions. She said that they built a floor of bamboo trees which they partitioned into twelve rooms for the twelve couples. She was threatened to death if she didn’t consummate her wedding by the third night. They were monitored by militiamen who told her husband to rape and beat her, so he did. Militiamen always reminded them that they had to produce children for Angkar. She was young and afraid. She suffered a lot and her mother couldn’t help her.

She got married a second time to a soldier who had many others wives. She was beaten and raped by him also and had six children with him. She stated that her life was painful. She suffered a lot physically and psychologically because she lost many members of her family and was forced to get married.

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