Advisory Report by Co-Rapporteurs on Residual Functions Related to Victims Is Published

Today, the ECCC published the Advisory Report by the Co-Rapporteurs on Residual Functions related to Victims, Judge YOU Ottara and Judge Claudia FENZ. The report is available on the ECCC website and by scanning the QR code below.


Background. On 2 July 2021, the Office of Administration nominated Judge You Ottara and Judge Claudia Fenz as Co-Rapporteurs on possible undertakings which might be appropriate and meaningful for victims of the Khmer Rouge under the residual mandate of the ECCC. On 1 December 2021, after an open call for contributions, the Co-Rapporteurs submitted their report, which in part recommended in-person dialogue with stakeholders. As a result of the recommendations therein, the ECCC decided to host a Victims Workshop in May 2022. Registrations of interest for participation in the Workshop are currently open.

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