The Pre-Trial chamber orders the publication of the Closing Order in case 004/1​

The ECCC Pre-Trial Chamber has issued today two decisions through which it orders the publication of various documents related to case 004/1. The Pre-Trial Chamber orders especially the full publication of the reasoning of the Closing Order having dismissed the criminal allegations against IM Chaem.

Subject to the witness protective measures, the document will be available in its entirety.

The Pre-Trial Chamber also decided the publication of the International Co-Prosecutor Final Submission as well as the Response from the co-Lawyers for the defence and many other documents, including the transcripts of the hearing held on 11 and 12 December 2017.

The Pre-Trial Chamber is currently seized with an appeal of the International Co-Prosecutor against the Dismissal Order issued in this case. It will deliver its decision soon.

Both decisions regarding the publication of the Closing Order and related documents are available on the ECCC website:


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