Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (integrated national and international Section) Headed by an international staff member, the ICT Section consists of following units:

  • The Systems Services Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining a secured and efficient local area network for ECCC. It provides all ICT back-end systems services such as email messaging, database service with Storage Area Network with capacity of storing data up to 4TB. It is also responsible for daily systems back up and performance monitoring of the secured network.
  • The Communication Services Unit is responsible for the maintenance of a satellite earth station that provides international voice, data and video conference services for United Nations coordination meetings and remote witness testimony. The unit is also responsible for providing and maintaining communication infrastructure and equipment to ECCC and its staff.
  • The Client Services Unit is responsible for the allocation of ICT resources in accordance with ECCC requirement and resolving issues relating to operation of desktop computers and the installed applications. The unit provides ICT equipment with appropriate applications such as Case Matrix, Case Map applications to the Judicial Offices, namely, the Office of the Co-Investigating Judges, Office of the Co-Prosecutor and the Defence Support Section, in support of their judicial activities. It also liaises with Public Affairs section to establish and maintain the web site of ECCC.
  • The ICT Management Services Unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining the ICT Asset Management database, which controls the ICT resources allocation to the users, and the ICT Resources Inventory Control database and ICT filing system. The unit liaises with the Procurement unit for all ICT requisitions and with Budget and Finance Section for IMIS related transactions and payments for communication charges for ECCC.