General Services

General Services is a integrated national and international section. A combination of national and international staff working as one, the  General Services consists of following units: 

The Building Unit is managed by Cambodian national staff only. They are responsible for new building work, renovations, maintenance, electricity and water, drinking water supply, janitorial services, space allocation and the maintenance of the grounds. 

The Travel Unit is staffed by two national and one international staff. Their responsibilities include arranging official travel and shipments, importation of goods and customs clearances and protocol matters. 

The Transport Unit is under the supervision of a national dispatcher who coordinates the deployment of the 24 UN vehicles to provide all official transport. 

Asset Management controls the receiving and inspection of goods procured by the UN and maintains an inventory of the assets. This unit is staffed by one international and two national staff. 

The Supply Unit maintains a store of consumable items required in the offices and the court. They are responsible for stock control and requesting replenishments. The unit has two national staff. 

The Mail and Pouch Unit is responsible for receiving, collecting and pouching items for the diplomatic pouch, delivering and collecting regular mail and organizing the messengers. The unit has four national staff. 

Procurement activities are carried out by two separate Procurement Units—National and International. Their responsibilities include receiving requisitions, soliciting bids and issuing purchase orders.