Personnel (parallel national and international sections):

National Componant has full administrative management oversight and responsibility for management and direction of national personnel and assuring quality and transparency in public recruitment, including:

  • Develop and maintain policies and manuals, especially the ECCC personnel handbook;
  • Develop and maintain internship policy and procedure;
  • Recruitment of new national staff, including developing terms of reference, job announcements, screening & short-listing, testing and appointment;
  • Provide administrative management and personnel support services to ECCC staff;
  • Manage and control overall personnel information;
  • Maintain and record time and attendance sheets of ECCC staff for processing monthly payroll;
  • Cooperate closely with UNAKRT to improve personnel functions;
  • Coordinate and facilitate with all Sections and Offices for any training and internship;
  • Conduct annual and other performance evaluation for all ECCC employees.

International Component Human Resources Management Section, the section is responsible for:

  • Recruitment of international staff To provide ECCC with competent and qualified international staff in a timely and transparent manner;
  • To supplement shortfall of budgeted posts in current staffing table through UN Volunteers (UNV) and other temporary staff such as gratis personnel, interns and consultants, etc;
  • Administrative Support Provide efficient and effective administrative support to UNAKRT staff in areas such as contracts, entitlements and benefits;
  • Training Assist in the implementation of judicial and management training program. Coordinate with professional trainers/consultants in the organization of training courses for UNAKRT staff.