Mr. SEM Om

Sem Om joined the Revolution in 1973 in the Division 1 and Battalion 502.

First he was in charge of the economic affairs, delivering rice to soldiers. After when he was at the Vietnamese border he was in charge of the radio communication system. He heard on the radio the order given to leave and go to protect their family. He learned that Comrad Oeun planned to agitate people. They stocked equipment and arranged uniforms to topple Pol Pot. Oeun was arrested like many others chiefs and cadres. They were in a constant fear at this time. He heard some Khmer voices spoke about joining the Vietnamese side to topple Pol Pot. Also he stated that soldiers from the East Zone were arrested and killed, their wives too. When he worked as a messenger for Him Horn he heard about a plan to topple Pol Pot. Horn was accused of being a traitor and committed suicide. He stated that there was a special unit in charge of purging.

He spoke about marriages and explained that cadres and disabled people were the only ones to get married. Marriage for combatants was prohibited. The main aim of those marriage was to produce children for Angkar.

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