Article 12 - Practice Direction on Classification and Management of Case-Related Information​

<p><strong>Article 12: Archives</strong></p><p>12.1. Confidential material remains confidential and strictly confidential material<br>remains strictly confidential after the conclusion of the proceedings, subject to<br>re-classification in accordance with the provisions of this Practice Direction.</p><p>12.2. The last judicial office seised of a case shall undertake a review of the security<br>classifications of records in the case file as follows:<br>a. Records that remain confidential or strictly confidential shall be<br>reviewed and reclassified as necessary.<br>b. Records that have limited portions of confidential material shall be<br>appropriately redacted to produce a public version.<br>c. The list of reclassified records shall be placed in the case file.<br>d. Any records sealed during any stage of the case shall be reviewed and<br>necessary unsealing carried out.</p><p>12.3. Materials classified as public may be accessed by the public. However, any<br>such materials that are under copyright or subject to an agreement with a third<br>party that prohibits dissemination shall not be released to the public, unless<br>permission is granted by the third party.</p><p>12.4. Guidelines for declassification not undertaken by the last judicial organ seised<br>of the case shall be developed by or in the context of a residual mechanism.</p>