Ms. MOM Vun

Mom Vun was born in 1948 in Siem Reap province, where she lived before 1975. Her husband was Tan Him.

She was assigned to harvest rice when her child was young; when her child died she was assigned to build dykes. Her older siblings were accused of being traitors and killed. Her mother died from sickness. She was
forced to re-marry within a few months of her husband’s disappearance in 1975. Two days before her marriage she was held at gunpoint and raped by five men, one by one. She and her husband didn’t like each other but they felt they had no choice but to get married or be killed. She didn’t inform her family of the wedding because it wasn’t done in the traditional way. Although they tried to avoid consummating the marriage, militiamen held torches on them and forced her husband’s penis into her.

She separated from her husband in 1984. At a meeting in 1976 she saw Nuon Chea speak.

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